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We maintain repeaters at two sites in the region.

Cape Wanbrow overlooking Oamaru and Station Peak in the Waitaki Valley.

Access details are:

Station Peak – Map Ref CB17 073418

2m repeater 146.700

Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru – Map Ref CB18 405023

70cm repeater: 438.650  MHZ output, 433.650 MHZ input (tone 123) linked to Station Peak 146.700

DMR   439.2375 MHZ output (Cape Wanbrow)

Other repeaters of interest accessable from Oamaru

TIMARU  146.325

DUNEDIN   146.900  output 143.300 input

National System

STUDHOLME 439.900 output, 439.900 input

DUNEDIN 439.925

ST BATHANS  146.775 output. 146.175 input

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